Roberto Borgna
Roberto Borgna Production and sale of daisies, flower plants, basil and aromatic plants

Roberto Borgna

The floricultural company, Borgna, has ancient roots.
Through the generations, the Borgna family has been able to make use of resources provided by the land, while gradually increasing the range of their cultivation.
Starting by harvesting fruit and vegetables (typical of the planes of Albenga), the Borgna company has always been eager to meet the needs of the market by constantly renewing its own production.
Over the years, the company has enhanced its range of products by dedicating itself to the cultivation of ornamental fronds, cut flowers (buttercups, irises, tulips, carnations), vase flowers (daisies) and to the mini-cultivation of lantanas.
In 1999, Roberto Borgna became the owner of the family company, which under his guidance, further broadened its production to include the cultivation of aromatic plants.
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