Roberto Borgna
Roberto Borgna Production and sale of daisies, flower plants, basil and aromatic plants


The Roberto Borgna floricultural company is the proud holder of GLOBAL GAP certificate for agricultural quality.
Being accredited brings with it the need to pay constant attention to production conditions, as rigorous and recurrent inspections are carried out by the relevant bodies on cultivation methods, quality control and product properties.
To maintain excellent quality, certifications are not permanent, but are granted on a temporary basis, whereby accreditation renewal is subject to timely checks of the quality standards of the entire production company, which specifically concern:
• The implementation and respect for all standards relating to safety in the work place;
• Respect for the standards and conditions defined by the relevant Local Health Authority;
• The possession and use by workers of safety equipment;
• Limited use of pesticides;
• Waste disposal;
• Water analysis and consumption;
• Product traceability.
Roberto Borgna / C.F. BRGRRT73C01A145O / P.IVA 01241040094 / R.E.A. 129134